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1 review for Angelina Coach

  1. STEP73

    Angelina is an angelic looking self defence coach (only for girls). She’s slender with perfect shape, her girlish face, hazel eyes, and long auburn hair are radiance irresistible femininity. She looks like a model, her confidence is unshakable, her fighting skills are invincible. For this presentation she picked up a sweet red bra, with a black leatherette mini skirt, and a pair of snakeskin strappy platform high heels. She has overall sex appeal which instantly turns on the two big bad guys, who are volunteers for Angelina’s show! Initially the beautiful coach shows some self defence technique against horny guys, who attack her one by one. Her anger, and devastating kicks to the guys groin, belly, chest, and face, her brutal punches are all suspiciously passionate, meanwhile she comments her actions with calm racional words. She easily drops these guys to the floor, and brutally abuses them, with her hands choking their necks or squeezing their defenseless balls until they pass out. After she plays with them as puppets, she finally shows her girl audience what she does, when the two guys try to r**e her. Initially she shows fake surrender, she seduces the horny guys till craziness – this scene is a pure mind f**k – then she brutally punishes them. She destroys the balls, crunches their bodies, and drop them to the bed, where she presents gorgeous scissors (she just teaching her girl audience), and finally finishing-off them one by one, with a single neckbreak on the second guy, and with a back and forth neckbreak on the first guy. “Just for sure.” as she said, because she continuously comments on her moves, verbally humiliates the guys while destroying them, with both glorious, and unquestionable female supremacy. In sum: Angelina is gorgeous as hell, speaks very well English, and presents her dominance with overwhelming sexiness! If I could do it, I would give this video 10 stars!!

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