Mixed Fight 4

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1 review for Mixed Fight 4

  1. Carlos

    This is one of the toip best mixed fight videos ever made by this site or any other. Unlike most Femdoms videos, in this case for most of the video’s running time the fight is pretty even with both giving and taking in rqual measure. The girl takes as puch punches and kicks as the guy and that is both refreshing and very welcoming, a nice change compared the the cliche of femdoms videos being about a gilr beating a guy who never fights back.
    The only criticism i have is that the laat 3 minutes of the video plays to the femdom cliché, as the video woud had been better if the fight had remained undecided until the very end, with a one punch deciding who’s the winner.
    That caveat said, this is a superior femfight mixed fight video. A lot of the praise must go to the team who filmed and edited it, they did a brilliant job. Both actors are great too. But i must givvea particular praise to Alice, the standout performer. Her acting and fight performance is amazing. I think in the short time she has been performing in femfight videos, she stands out as one of the very top performers, beautiful and talented both, she has “je ne sais quoi” that is hard to define in words but it’s there to see. A real star. I hope she makes more to come. Alice is a keeper.

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