Our Project

Welcome to our project. Here gathered martial arts and self-defense lovers of girls.

For us martial arts is not only a way to defend ourselves, but we also love to admire people who own martial arts and to experience them for ourselves. I love the great technique, the combination of incredible beauty and strength in one guise. For us, fighting is not just something instinctive and crazy when there is no choice, for us it is part of beautiful human nature, each one different, passionate, harmonious, raw, appealing. 

I’m a true fan, and it’s my mission to give producers their beautiful story for an unforgettable experience. We make custom videos for our clients, keeping their wishes in mind and making sure our client is satisfied. We also make videos not just for clients and release products on the website in hopes of finding positive feedback for a wider audience. My goal was to create a project for a large audience that would unite like-minded people, us and you, regardless of age or religion, the country we were born in, we want to unite. Our goal is to give people a chance to be heroes.

Support in the mail 24/7.Yes, we are interested in making an honest living, but we aim for legacy. This is a continuation of the legendary Tough Fights Project, so nice to meet again.