Xenia SelfDefence

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Damn it. Try to reach her. She’s so hard to hit. I can’t concentrate when I look at her. Am I weak? No, she’s just very strong and hot.

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1 review for Xenia SelfDefence

  1. Clark

    This video was a custom of mine and I was blown away when I received it. It is one of my favorite mixed fighting videos of all time.
    Xenia looks incredibly hot.
    Again and again she taunts him and dares him to attack her, thwarting him disdainfully and knocking him on his ass when he does.
    I love her attitude in this fight. She nails the role of a youtube influencer that likes flirtatiously showing off for her fans. She’s completely confident in her ability and she backs it up by completely dominating him.
    The choreography and camerawork are excellent. There’s a good variety of moves displayed – mainly striking. Not much of the holds or chokes, as I don’t like the long choke sequences.
    I’m also particular about camera angles and they did a great job making sure there were a great views of Xenia throughout the fight sequences.

    • Ladys01

      Thank you for ordering a video from us! We appreciate our customers!

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