Match with Agnes

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4 reviews for Match with Agnes

  1. Clark

    Nice video. Pretty girl with great fitting leggings and great attitude. Good fight choreography – i liked how he wasn’t just a punching bag but tried to fight back throughout most of the fight – but to no avail!

  2. Sportyman45

    The stunningly beautiful new fighter girl AGNES has enough fighting skills to beat most men up to the hospital. The poor guy resisted a bit, but he couldn’t help being Agnes’ box and kick mat. Maybe he could have gotten away with the beating a little if he’d apologized and admitted Agnes was superior and his master . We want new Agnes videos. Thank you.

  3. STEP73

    What a match, or a sheer execution? Agnes is skilled, fast, powerful, and irresistibly gorgeous! Her fighting style is immpresively elegant. She so easily annihilates this guy, who wanna fight, but he isn’t any chance against her. Agnes send him to the ground, again and again, while having fun with him. She beautifully smiles, when punching, choking, kicking, ballbusting him. Until she finishing out this guy, and declarates her own (obvious) win. After that, she do a victory pose over her laid out victim, and flexing her arms with unbeatable self-confidence. A stunning clip starring the totally fantastic Agnes!! More Agnes, please!!!

  4. Lazaro Vagner

    I bought the video today and I really liked it. In terms of aesthetics, Agnes looked very good wearing the white sports bra and brown leggings. She appears to be very young and has a beautiful physical appearance and beautiful blue eyes!

    In terms of the fight, I liked the choreography, but what I liked most were Agnes’ provocations. This made the fight very interesting.

    I recommend the video for the price and for this interesting actress. I intend to make a custom video with her, if I have the means.

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