Car Fighting

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Ruby has been kidnapped and forced to surrender or else a new terrorist attack will take place.She is handcuffed and on either side are two surly terrorists from a popular organization.She has very little time and space – the back row of seats of a car that will soon blow up with them.
She acts with filigree and clever use of her beautiful legs.

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2 reviews for Car Fighting

  1. Marcos

    Great job…!♥ Ruby looks very elegant and feminine, her red dress makes her look sexy, and her fighting skills are very good in this kidnap scene, I loved Ruby’s performance, she’s a nice actress, to make this scene inside a car the cameraman did a fantastic job, excellent camera angles, also I love the video quality.

  2. jin

    super sexy!! good concept..It should be much better with high heel.. thanks for great clip..

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