Agent Dia

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Russian, no subtitles.A couple of scumbags decided to steal the gym from the local trainer.They turned it into a real brothel.On a quiet morning one scumbag had a visitor.
It was Agent Dia. She came to talk and give some advice on how to pack up and get out of here.She will show him a few of her favorite tricks.

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2 reviews for Agent Dia

  1. Sportyman46

    One of the sexiest and most impressive beating videos I’ve ever seen. Agent Dia didn’t even want to get up while beating this poor masked man. Beautiful Agent Mia beat this man thoroughly from where she sat and lay and without any difficulty. The poor man was in a pitiful state. The male actor in the video played very well. He showed us the pain he suffered when he was beaten, gritting his teeth, moaning and feeling it. But I wish agent Mia hadn’t killed this man and she had taken him home to use him as a slave. 5 stars of course.

  2. STEP73

    I am totally agree with “Spotyman46” review. (Except the end. For Dia no need such slave like this weak, begging, helpless, easily overpowered loser. Maybe this guy is very dangerous, but not to Dia.  Maybe a Jason Momoa can resist her muscle power, but not her femininity, because that is invincible.) So, I can’t find proper words to describe how beautiful Dia is.A cocky, dominant secret agent in disguise as a schoolgirl. Her appearance in this outfit is both mesmerizing and mind blowing! From the first moment of this video, she just plays with this dangerous bad guy, sensually and brutally at once. She doesn’t give this guy a chance to survive, yet she needs the information that he knows, therefore she takes him down to the ground, and begins a ground “fight”, or rather beating, by Dia. We can watch many head kicks, ballbusts, and loads of seducing moves. The POV sequence is the clear climax of this clip! Finally, Dia gets the information that she wants, thus the guy’s fate is sealed. She finishes him off with a clean neck break, with feets. Definitely the most erotic non-nude video in the world! The beating, what Dia professionally presented, is just a cherry on the cake! “Not recommended”, but even mandatory! Five stars, of course.

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