Kayla Schoolgirl By Coming Soon

Hi guys.I’d like to tell you a little bit about a video that will be available soon.Femdom.I wanted to shoot something as hot as possible in lingerie.In this video you will see her in all her glory with English subtitles.Video includes:
  • story
  • egg torture
  • leg strangulation(other)
  • kickFace
  • Pov
The story.They are in high school in the same class. She is doing well in school, and she is constantly being asked to help. She stops liking it. The boy says he got a D because of her and insults her.She listens patiently.But she wants to teach the bastard a lesson!
You will get video 17:31 min 1080HD 60FPS video
History Release Date 3 February 2023


2 thoughts on “Kayla Schoolgirl By Coming Soon”

  1. Hans Maier

    Erotic meets Martial Arts. Looks very good. Very hot outfit and high kicking, what a combination. It seems the camera positions are very good so it´s possible to see the action from different angles. 4K would be much better but 1080HD/60FPS is also ok. Go ahead guys, this is the right way.

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